Our Love for music & cinema

We love listening to all styles of music from pop through to jazz and we like nothing better than to listen to a classic hit from our youth. Our first duo was created whilst we were visiting family in the UK, on our long car journey we were totally inspired by the hits from the 80’s and 90’s playing on the radio. With very similar minds we had the same idea almost simultaneously and started to re-arrange the songs with the guitar and vocals on our return home. We cover so many styles from rap to funk so our band name was pretty easy to find and so ‘what3v3r’ was born and our hand full of songs has become quite something within the last 3 years. We’re lucky that we share the same taste in music styles so you’ll rarely see us disagreeing on a new song title. We also have a huge passion for American and French cinema from the 70’s so you’ll often find us cosying up with a cup of herbal tea ready to watch a movie when we’re not out gigging of course ! Have a good weekend…. Lucy

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